The SOLA STORE Revolution in Wholesale Clothing !

September 15 2023, 1:39

Along with the rapid change of trends and fashion that are constantly renewing themselves, we are preparing and constantly updating our collections in accordance with the fashion and trends that are changing every day this season.

During the new season, new collections in which vivid colors are used a lot and different patterns and models come to the fore have been carefully selected and designed.

At the same time, when determining the quality and prices of wholesale clothing products, the expectations and demands of our customers are not ignored Decently; pricing has been made to suit every budget.

Now let's examine together which trends are at the forefront in the 2023-2024 Autumn-Winter season.

1. Colors

Colorful products have stopped being pretentious and started to have trendy looks. 2023-2024 Autumn - Winter style will be a season where colorful designs are at the forefront. Especially with tone-on-tone colors, you can make your style look more vibrant and more energetic.

2. Patterns

Patterns that have never lost their place in the fashion world are maintaining their place in the trend ranking this season. Especially the designs with leopard, flower and line patterns in the foreground are also very trendy and very stylish this year!

3. Stones

Handmade embroidered stones have always betrayed a certain status to the model and have been used to make sure that the dress, blouse, etc. they emphasized their nobility

We will present you super fashionable and classic models in the new season.


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