Frequently Asked Questions

Our sales are wholesale only.

Your order usually arrives within 3-5 days, depending on the shipping company to which it is sent. This period may be extended due to problems experienced in international or cargo companies. In such a case, please contact your sales representative or cargo company.

Our site keeps your information safe with a 256-bit SSL certificate.

We have shipping to every country in the world.

You can use the discount coupon you have earned in the coupon section of the cart page. If you have a problem with this issue, you can contact our customer representative.

You can order as many products as you want. There is no upper or lower limit on your order.

The number of products in the series varies from product to product. You can find out the number by looking at the size numbers of the product you are considering. Example: 36-38-40-42 => It means there are 4 products in the series.

You can start working with us by placing an order on our site, or you can start working with our whatsapp customer line on our site.